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At Do Loop we believe celebrations can be beautiful without costing the earth

How do we achieve more sustainable parties?


We don't believe it is necessary to buy for one event, therefore our party themes incorporate toys and items that can have a second life after the main event. Or why not take a look at our rental items to get the look without the expense?


Our products include a range of edible gifts and party favours. Iced cookie favours allow you to match your celebration theme perfectly; browse our range or get in touch for a custom order.

Sustainable packaging

As far as possible, we use compostable, recycled and recyclable packaging. As a small business we cannot achieve this 100% without adding significant costs; but we are always on the look out to see how we can be better.

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Our site is changing a bit to focus on the rental options we have available for parties. These can then be rented via an order form that will be emailed to capture your individual requests. However, we still have some amazing party options available for purchase which can now be bought exclusively via our Etsy store. Thank you for all your support and we hope to be part of your sustainable parties in future.

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