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Sustainable dino GET THIS PARTY STARTED kit

Sustainable dino GET THIS PARTY STARTED kit


Our sustainable dino starter kit is based on paper and toy decorations to create the perfect dino party atmosphere for celebrating your little one's birthday. 


This kit consists of:

- a Happy Birthday dino skeleton banner

- palm leaves banner

- 2x flying dino toys / hanging decorations

- 10x paper dino prints

- 3x 25m crepe streamers

- 5x paper fans of various sizes

- birthday candles that match the colour theme (as many as needed)

- paper napkins in theme colours (as many as needed)


Add any complementary dino toys or tableware from our party shop at a 10% discount and if you buy either of the T-Rex figures we'll include a complementary dino party hat for it to be used as a cake topper or additional decor.

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